Baked rooster with lemon and garlic sauce Recipe

Wish to get ready a easy baked rooster recipe? Position the rooster lower into items on a baking dish and drizzle with a scrumptious and creamy lemon and garlic sauce. Bake till golden and serve with fries or mashed potatoes. Bon appetit!!!

Baked chicken with lemon and garlic sauce on a baking dish


Right here you’ll be able to to find the entire elements had to make this recipe:

Hen – Hen lower into items.
Lemon juice – Provides a really nice contemporary taste.
Olive oil – Provides taste and aroma to the sauce.
Pepper, nutmeg, paprika and garlic – They upload taste to the sauce.
Rosemary – They upload fragrant intensity of taste.
Dijon mustard – Provides taste and creaminess to the sauce.
Salt – Highlights the entire different flavors.

Beneath you’ll to find the right kind size of all elements and the step by step information for this recipe.


Position the rooster items on a baking dish.
Upload the lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg, paprika, peeled garlic, rosemary and Dijon mustard in a meals processor and pulse for 20 seconds.Lemon and garlic sauce on a food processor

Drizzle the rooster with the former aggregate and marinate for roughly 1 hour.Chicken drizzled with lemon and garlic sauce on a baking dish Bake the rooster till golden, about 1 hour. Every now and then, drizzle the rooster with the sauce. Flip off the oven and serve the rooster with fries or mashed potato.

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