How To Make Portuguese Custard Tarts

Portuguese Custard Tarts Recipe

Pasteis de nata

Pasteis de Belem is basically egg custard tarts. The thick outer is a wealthy buttery puff pastry that holds a dollop of easy, creamy egg custard. The highest of the custard is caramelized, which provides the tart its noticed glance, then dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.

Pastel de Nata’s Historical past

Within the 1600s, egg whites had been used to starch the clothes of the nuns and friars. The outcome used to be an enormous amount of egg yolks leftover. What to do? Candy dessert. The priests and nuns at all times bought cakes within the convents and monasteries.

The priests created the custard tarts within the well-known Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon.

After the civil struggle and liberal revolution (1834), the monasteries and convents in Portugal had been close down, the clergy and laborers had been expelled. The priests bought the recipe to a neighborhood sugar refinery.

In 1837, the shop Pasteis de Belem started to promote this wonderful candy pastry. This retailer is open until in this day and age.

You’ll recently devour this candy pastry in New York, London, Macau, Rio de Janeiro, and so forth.

What does pastel imply?

It approach pastry. In Portuguese, one pastry is pastel. Two is pasteis. We don’t exchange the next phrases. The proper is pasteis de nata.

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What does Nata imply?

It approach cream.

What’s the diferença entre pastel de nata e pasteis de belem?

None! Pasteis de Belem is a logo. The primary retailer used to be open in Belem, an area in Lisbon. Pastel de Nata is a pastry identify in Portuguese.

For my part, the pastry within the tale Pasteis de Belem has extra butter within the puff pastry, and the cream has a comfortable taste of lemon. For different pastries within the north of Portugal, the cream is thick.

portuguese custard tarts

order one Portuguese custard tart and low in Lisbon?

Um pastel de nata e uma bica, por prefer.

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What number of energy are in a Portuguese custard tart?

One tart has 250 energy.

Are you able to freeze pastel de nata?

Sure, you freeze egg tart. On the other hand, the tart high quality might not be the similar! You are going to now not have crunchy dough.

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The place to shop for Portuguese Tarts

What are the most productive puts for consuming custard tarts?

Lisbon: Manteigaria, Pastelaria Santo Antonio and Nata Lisboa.

Porto: Nata Lisboa and Manteigaria.

Outdoor of Portugal, you’ll purchase Portuguese custard.

UK: Cafe de Nata.

USA: Joey Bats Cafe.

Australia: Spherical Fowl.

Simple Recipe Pastel de Natas


3 sheets of puff pastry. You’ll purchase it within the grocery store.

Margarine to unfold the paperwork

150 gr. butter with out sal

For cream:

500 ml of milk

One lemon peel

One cinnamon stick

60 gr. cake flour

500 gr. sugar

250 ml of water

Seven egg yolks


In a pan, boil the milk with a cinnamon stick and lemon peel.

In a blending bowl (with the assistance of rods), combine the eggs and flour.

Upload it into the pan with the former aggregate, regularly combine, and warmth very slowly.

In every other pan, boil the water and sugar for three mins. After boiling and at all times blending, gently put the whole lot within the first pan and make allowance it to face.

In the meantime, smear the muffin cup (in aluminum. Please don’t use silicon) with margarine.

Prolong the puff pastry and butter with a kitchen roll and wrap up probably the most energy within the cylinder. My guidelines: In case you upload extra butter, the pastry shall be brittle and crisp. This is non-compulsory. You’ll upload 50 gr in line with sheet of puff pastry.

Curl the puff pastry once more. Reduce into 3 cm items and position them within the shape the usage of your thumb finger (round actions). Press thumb into the middle of the swirl.

Fill each and every cup 3/4 of the best way with custard.

And it takes the preheated oven at 250º C for 20 mins.

Bake till the pastry is browned and bubbly, and the tops begin to blister and caramelize. Cool tarts in short and serve heat with cinnamon powder and powdered sugar.

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Why don’t we use vanilla on this recipe?

You don’t want to use vanilla since the cinnamon cuts the eggs’ odor.

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Are you on the lookout for a gluten-free pastry in Portugal?

Please ship us an electronic mail. We can permit you to.

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