Pageant Som Riscado returns to Loulé

Town of Loulé is web hosting the 7th version of the Som Riscado Pageant from November 24 to 27, an match in search of an leading edge solution to inventive experimentation with sound, song and symbol.

As in step with earlier editions, the development’s thought will stay the similar, providing basically loose presentations in six venues inside the municipality.

The Som Riscado Pageant kicks off on November 24 with ‘Sublumia’ through Sonoscopy, a valid and visible set up, which shall be on all through the pageant at Palácio Gama Lobo. The display is composed of an set up of items the use of sound seize and light-weight projection from and onto a number of liquids and electromechanical components.

At the twenty fifth, Teatro da Didascália gifts “Soundcheck”, an interactive live performance, at Cineteatro Louletano, at 14:30. This consultation is aimed on the college neighborhood. It’s going to be repeated at the twenty sixth, at 21:00, for most people.

Additionally at the twenty fifth, the “70.ª Semana”, an audiovisual opera through the DME Challenge (Electroacoustic Tune Days), will take to the degree of the Casa da Cultura de Loulé.

Festival Som Riscado.2
A 70ª semana

The immersive sound display “Silent Disco”, at 21:00, the place everybody can pay attention and dance in keeping with their headphones, closes the second one day of the pageant on the Rancho Infantil e Juvenil de Loulé.

The programme continues at the twenty sixth, at 17:00 within the Sun da Música Nova Auditorium, with “Sulisonias”. This multidisciplinary live performance recreates the sound, poetic and visible panorama of the municipality of Loulé, the use of wind, strings and percussion tools and extra.

At the identical day, within the night, Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela, Gustavo Costa and Rodrigo Carvalho provide “Máquina Magnética”, an set up and live performance to peer and listen to on the Rancho Folclórica Infantil e Juvenil de Loulé, at 22:30.

At the 3rd and remaining day of the pageant, musician and composer Jorge Moniz gifts “Cinematheque”, a multimedia live performance, at 17:00 on the Cineteatro Louletano.

The 7th version of the Som Riscado Pageant closes with “A Casa na Praça Trubnaia”, a movie live performance through Mão Morta scheduled for 21:00 on the Cineteatro Louletano.

Festival Som Riscado.3
Mão Morta

The Som Riscado Pageant is an initiative of the Cineteatro Louletano, a cultural construction of the Loulé Townhall within the box of acting arts. It is likely one of the promoters of the Rede Azul (Blue Community) – Algarve Theatre Community and 5 Sentidos Community.

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