Unreveal Results for Content material Previews

Some explorations of web page transitions the usage of masking components and CSS clip-paths.

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A while in the past, we explored a duvet web page transition that will disguise some preliminary content material and display any other stage of content material, i.e. “unreveal” it. Nowadays I’d like to percentage some extra concepts for appearing any other web page or preview, together with one who makes use of CSS clip-path to reach the impact.

That is our preliminary view:

When clicking on an merchandise, we disguise the present content material by way of masking it with an increasing circle. Then discover the preview by way of increasing a clip-path. That is the following view:

And that is the way it all seems to be in motion:

There are 3 other results. Hope you revel in them and to find them helpful!

Thank you for checking by way of!

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #26

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